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New sales qualified leads by your CRM!

 JumNik Tracker automatically tracks changes in your leads' employment status and tell you who is ready for a sale!

John Miller

Marketing Operations 


John Miller

Marketing Director



Now he will buy it!


Easy sales opportunities 

Real-time alerts about your leads
New opportunities in your current leads!

Many leads in your CRM and one of them changes his job - now he's ready for a change!

Using JumNik Tracker, you'll get notified of new sales opportunities within your current leads!

Keep your work up-to-date!

You've done hard work to get phone numbers or personal emails. Keep it up to date - send the relevant information to the relevant people. 

With JumNik Tracker you'll be able to update all your leads list information by one click! 



Connect to your CRM 


Review  your

sales Opportunities


Get notified for any future  update

Connect. Review. Get Notified.

Easily integrate with your CRM


What People Say

In the first week, I revived 6 dead leads and resulted in 2 new client conversions!!!
This tool is incredible!  

Dave, TA, Israel